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what a year so far and with all the dreams.

It's been a long time since i updated. So for those who know, i am in uni now doing a dual degree in social services and education, formerly doing a vet tech degree.

I did readings for myself which have been accurate (doreen virtues daily oracle angel cards) and i have had vivid dreams. i have kept a dream journal and have recorded every dream so far. I am even confused and wonder what meanings they have. i have some up with several theories, but i just don't know what to think. I want to interpret dreams more and make them accurate.

Anyways, here is my dream journal that i have written out for the past six or so months

In my dream I saw myself in a cage/prison area. A guard, dressed in a black outfit came and got me and said ‘time to rewind/revive the furnace. Come.” So I followed him. The area was covered with people behind bars, like it was a large prison. People were looking at me, begging me to let them go. Then I saw a girl take a little boy by the hand and helped the guard put the boy in the furnace, which was one of the large black ones seen in the old days. The girl I felt was me and I was looking at my own self.
The next thing I saw was that the next day, I was the girl and I saw the same guard saying it was time to revive/rewind (or something) the furnace. But he wanted to give me something. I had a pair of glasses, yellow at the time, or something yellow, and the guard said that I have been promoted and gave me something red and I felt happy and exclaimed that red was my favourite colour and he said that it is time to get some more children, but younger than 6 since the little boy was 6 and he wanted younger children in there instead. So I selected children to put into the furnace but before they got into the furnace I whispered ‘may god bless you and take you away.’ And I sent them into the flames.

In my dream i was in a dark place. I was walking around and i came across an old lady. She looked up at me and smiled before she gave me a rose head that looked like it was going to bloom soon. The rose was reddy-pink and glowing softly. I was walking along with the rose in one hand and I was in this room. I saw a man my age, Asian i think and we were both talking before we started kissing. When we did i saw the rose blooming


I had a strange dream that i was in some place. But the thing was, i was not myself, i was myself when i was around three.I think i was with grandad at the time and he was singing and enjoying himself with other people in what looked like a local stage. he even smiled to me and said that he was proud of me and that he also loves me.he also hugged me too! and

Around 2 weeks later
I was in a village like place, a bit like blood diamond. I was meeting a lady there, then she told me ot hide and I got behind some crates. I did and i heard some people shooting. one person, a man with a defined face and brown hair up to his shoulders and a moustache, came and shot me in the chestbone. I passed out. THen i got up again to see the lady/my friend, get up. We were okay again and we saw the military come. we were saved. then they got shot down by the rebels who were taking us away. I remember one making the 'slit the throat' gestue at me and i begged him to spare my life. I died with a shot to the base of the neck and skull

May 2008
I had a dream that i was in an ordinary house, which i presume is my house, and i find a budgie in a chip packet (WHAT THE HELL?!) and i was going to put it with my other budgie. but when i reached my other budgies cage (the budgie i was carrying was light green, the one i had in the cage was lilac) and there was a kitten sitting in the cage with the budgie, not harming it, which was surprising.
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