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questions about telepathy and other related abilities

Hi. My name is Jodie and this post will be long. Sorry about that, but please read because I have some questions. I just feel the need to explain a few things before I ask them.


I first consciously started trying to develop my abilities about five years ago when I learned that it was possible to communicate telepathically with animals. I first got into an animal communication email group because it sounded fun and interesting, but then something happened that made me believe.


I asked someone with experience to communicate with my dog, Sunnie; this was about four to six months after I joined the group. My abilities were and are intermittent. Sometimes I can do it, sometimes it happens without me trying and sometimes I can’t get anything at all. But this is what happened when my email friend communicated with Sunnie.


In the email she sent me, she said she tuned in and discovered that Sunnie was quite a talker. This did not surprise me in the least; Sunnie, a typical Golden Retriever, was a very friendly and sociable dog. Sunnie said “pie” to her, which my email friend didn’t understand. The only reason I could think of for that is that we had pizza the night before. I don’t give my dogs people food, except under special circumstances; they get a piece of turkey or ham on holidays, and the vet might recommend something for some reason. But I found out that my grandmother feeds my dogs without my knowledge or permission. So either Sunnie was upset because she didn’t get a slice of pizza, or Gram gave her some.


Then Sunnie showed my email friend a black ring; my friend thought it might be onyx. Later, I found out my grandmother has a black onyx ring.


The reason I wanted the woman to communicate with her was because she was acting differently, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. She’d picked up a bug, but was recovering.


This is what made me believe without a doubt that telepathy exists and that I’ve done it with animals. The woman said that before she tuned out, Sunnie told her to tell me to put the green blanket back down where it was. We were packing to move at the time and we’d packed the green blanket Sunnie liked to sleep on or use as her base of operations when she was playing Nosy Neighbor and looking out the window and notifying us every time someone passed. I’ve never met this woman in person and there was no way she could have known that we had a green blanket.


My first true experience where I had no doubts about my ability was with my second dog, Tiger, who just died two weeks ago. A few years ago, I was really tired. I went to take a shower and when I came into my bedroom after I was done there was an empty bag on the floor. I didn’t know what it was, but didn’t think much about it at the time. I was tired, as I said. But later, just before I went to sleep, I realized it was a bag of combos that I thought I had hidden very well from Tiger. Apparently I was wrong and my last thought before I fell asleep was, “I hope the cheese doesn’t bind her.”


The next morning, Tiger woke me up about an hour and a half before my alarm was set to go off. She wasn’t acting as if she had to go out, but she definitely wanted something. Eventually, I became excruciatingly thirsty. I finished my bed side drink and went to the kitchen to put the coffee on, but first I refilled Tiger’s water boll. She drank the entire boll in thirty seconds, which was very unusual for her. Usually she could make an entire boll of water last all day. It wasn’t the cheese that affected her; it was the salt!


There is a point to what I’m about to tell you, so please be patient with me.


Tiger had lime disease, a form that goes straight to the kidneys, and she did very well for a while. I didn’t notice that anything was seriously wrong until a few days before she died when she began having stomach problems. The day after that, she began having trouble with the stairs. I took her to the vet and they put her on fluids, but had to take her off because her values were dropping too low. I took her home Saturday night, knowing that soon I would have to make the decision to put her to sleep. I thought I had days to weeks. She seemed OK, but very tired, on Saturday night. She ate almost an entire can of the Kidney Diet food the vet gave us, which means she was able to take her medications. But Sunday morning she threw it all up again, and this time she was vomiting blood. I took her to the vet and we put her to sleep. I held her as he gave her the injection. She grunted when the vet turned her on her side to administer the injection and I was afraid she was choking, and I thought her final twitch when her heart stopped was one of fear.


A few months ago, she had a slight change in behavior. She didn’t eat all of her food. She didn’t stop eating completely, but she left some in her boll. I thought she just didn’t like it anymore, or was getting bored with it, since she would eat anything but her food; my grandmother would give her foods I didn’t want her to have and Tiger would eat them. This includes doughnuts and cookies. It really annoys me that she does this, but she won’t listen to me.


I was getting nothing from Tiger telepathically, but to be totally honest, I wasn’t trying either. For some reason it just never occurred to me to try. I had no idea something was wrong until that Wednesday when she began having the stomach problems.


I’ve been blind since birth and Tiger was my second guide dog. I had always planned when it was time to retire her to give her to the people who took Sunnie when I retired her. The woman who had been intended to take her told me I could have prevented this if I’d taken her to the vet sooner. But I went in June for her regular checkup and told him about her not eating all of her food, but leaving some and eating other things. The vet said to leave it and when she wanted it she would eat it; the food was dry, so I could do that. But when I took her back because of the lime disease, although I didn’t know that was what it was yet, she’d lost eleven pounds since then.


The woman who was going to take her when she was retired filed a neglect complaint against me with The Seeing Eye. She said I could have prevented what happened to Tiger if I’d taken her to the vet when she’d stopped eating all of her food, but the vet already knew about that, and the instructor from The Seeing Eye said that when I get my next dog I should be more cognizant of changes in behavior. He said that even though she was still eating, if she was one to finish all her food, that was a change in behavior and I should have taken her to the vet sooner. But he also said the neglect accusation was unfounded and said in so many words that it wasn’t my fault that Tiger died.


That made me feel a little better because the woman who wanted her had me almost convinced that I’d killed Tiger. She’d even tried to guilt me into not having her put to sleep when I knew it was time.


Even the way my doubts disappeared had nothing to do with telepathy. I was still doubting whether or not it was the right thing to do in the vet’s office. But then she threw up again and I knew she was telling me she was ready.


This is my point after telling you all that. I keep thinking that if I’d been able to consciously and purposely communicate telepathically with her, I might have known something was wrong sooner and maybe I could have done something. I know I wouldn’t have been able to prevent it indefinitely, but maybe I could have given Tiger more time. I keep hearing the voice of the woman who wanted her after retirement in my head saying “this could have been prevented. She doesn’t deserve to be put to sleep; she deserves another chance.”


I want to develop my telepathic abilities before I get my next dog so I can know sooner if something is wrong. Right now, one voice in my head keeps saying I failed her and the other one keeps saying no I didn’t and I don’t’ know which one to listen to.


I’ve always wanted to develop my abilities, but now I feel the need to. I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing to try.


Since I joined this group, I’ve been meditating at least twice a day for at least half an hour. I’ve just been letting things happen. I thought it would be best to start out this way, not trying to force things, just meditating and letting the meditation guide me. On a side note, I’ve discovered that meditation just before bed helps me sleep better.


Over the past week, I’ve had a number of experiences. For a split second during my first meditation, I felt Tiger with me. I had a brief communication with my spirit guide during one meditation and I have a feeling he’s male and he has a sense of humor, but haven’t identified him yet. But then I haven’t introduced myself yet either; I want to be able to get better at meditation before I try the self-hypnosis script Genie posted. Last night, I had brief conversations with Tiger, Sunnie, my grandfather who died when I was eleven and my boyfriend who died when I was eighteen. But I was afraid to ask anything too specific because I was afraid that would break the communication. I did ask if any of them were my spirit guide and they all said no.


Does anyone have any techniques for developing telepathy? Are there any other areas related to telepathy that I should also try to develop? Visual suggestions don’t help much because I’ve never seen, but I used to see light when I was younger. I’m a very auditory person, and also I rely a lot on my perception and intuition. Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.



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