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Hey all,

Since this community is aimed at people who are interested in developping their psychic abilities, I was hoping to get your opinions on something.

I run an online teaching centre at with the purpose of training people to more awareness of themselves, their emotions, their energies and the energies around them, and their personal gifts and power. We don't call it "psychic", as it's such a loaded and often abused term; instead, the tools we teach are part of the meta-intuitive arts. This includes things like empathy, doing readings for others, sensing energies and interpreting them, sensing ghosts, healing others, but also healing yourself, finding personal power, clearing out old blocks, etc.

We've seen amazing results with our students so far. Within a few months, they're already starting to really develop their intuition and sense energies. Within half a year, they have the skills to do much the same as "psychics" out there. And everyone can do this, you don't need to be a natural or already have experienced some of the meta-.

I would like to get some ideas on what exactly people are looking for when they say they want to learn how to become "psychic", so we can perhaps tune our classes better to those with similar interests. Why does becoming psychic appeal to you? What type of thing would you want to use it for, would you want to get clarity for yourself or others? How long and hard would you be willing to work on getting it? Are there other things that you want that go along with this same topic, or something that you feel should be taught alongside with it to make it more interesting?

I'd be grateful for any feedback you may have, and if you're curious, check out our official site: Elfpath, as you can still sign up for our very last free introduction course of 3 months :)
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